Don't Settle for Incremental Success

Today, we are talking with Beate Chelette. Beate is an executive coach, management consultant, and world-class public speaker. She helps women to play the game with, compete with, and more importantly, how to succeed alongside the big boys.

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On this podcast, we spend a lot of time talking about pivoting, why to pivot, when to pivot. The reason that we are talking with Beate is because she knows what it is like to hit by that proverbial bolder that we’ve all been trying to avoid during the lockdown. She can speak to what it’s like to pick yourself afterward.

Bit Takeaway

Don’t Settle for Incremental Success. You have a choice between what’s bearly working and the sweet spot in your niche. Mediocrity is not a given. Undeniable success is within your grasp if you continue to hone your skills then pivot when something better comes along. As you know, success is not linear. You got to be patient and keep working.

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