Expect to Pivot on a Regular Basis

Today, we are talking with Cara Silletto. Cara is an expert in employee retention. She is an author, a consultant, and a keynote speaker. Cara is a workforce thought leader. Let’s just say people pay a lot of money to hear what she has to say.

Welcome to the SubscriptionMaker Podcast. This is your host Zachary Alexander, Enterprise Architect at SubscriptionMaker.net. Please hit the subscribe button where ever you get your podcasts so that you won’t miss any new episodes. This episode is part of the Well-Architected Pivot Series.

We are talking with Cara because we wanted to discuss how employee retention contributes to a well-architected pivot. You can strategize all you about what the future brings, and how your pivot is going to turn out. However, if you can’t retain the key contributors to your success, then your pivot won’t be very successful. 

Big Takeaway:

Expect to Pivot on a Regular Basis. Things are constantly changing. They are getting both simpler and cheaper. So you can’t rest on your laurels. Your business environment could look a lot different in the course of one 24 hour period.

This is your host Zachary Alexander. “Something Crazy” by the Particle House is the music track. You can find it at Epidemic Sound. Finally, you can contact me on SubscriptionMaker.net.

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