Become a Resource of Resilience

An Interview with Franky Descoteaux

Today, we are talking with Franky Descoteaux. Franky is the Director at the         Entrepreneurship Center @CTI in Lowell, Mass. At CTI, she helps startups, growth companies, and crisis-stage businesses.

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The reason that we are talking with Franky is that it will take more than a great idea to be successful post-lockdown. You won’t be able to simply sell your way out of the challenges that lay ahead. You’re going to need to be able to implement a strategy. So, we are talking with an expert at helping entrepreneurial companies in all phases.

Big Takeaway

Become a resource of resilience for your community. There’s been a lot of confusion let loose in the world. And the call for leadership can be heard far and wide. However, what may be needed more than leadership is a resource of resilience that can act as an anchor for our communities against the current storm.

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