With Data, You Can Build Trust

Today we are talking with Fred Thiel. Fred is a senior advisor to management teams, boards of directors, private equity, and venture-backed businesses. He helps companies create maximal value for both the business owners and their stakeholders.

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We are talking with Fred because he is living life at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship. I find that a lot of so-called gurus try to pass off things that are pretty commonplace as the next big trend in the market. It’s a real honor to talk with Fred because he can clue us into what’s really happening.

Big Takeaway

Fred Thiel likes to say, “with data, you can build trust.” Without data, you’re proceeding based on blind faith. That’s okay to start the journey, to launch a pivot. Once begun, the first order of business should be to collect data and look for opportunities to improve the process. The first draft of anything is never perfect. There’s always room for improvement.

–Zachary Alexander

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