A Pivot doesn't mean Spinning Around in Circles

An Interview with Joel Block

Today we are talking with Joel Block. Joel is a long-time venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, and keynote speaker. Joel helps clients maximum wealth by helping them strategically partner and optimize deal strategies.

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It’s rare for freelancers or contingent professionals to talk with an expert like Joel. Generally, we are relegated to low-end advisors and the newly minted professionals. So, let’s start with a level set.

When a freelancer or contingent professional asks how do I get paid, that’s a billing question. When that freelancer asks how do I improve my subscriber retention, that’s a business question. If that freelancer or contingent professional asks how do I 5x or 10x my earnings, that’s growth question. Today, we are answering that growth question.

Big Takeaway

A Pivot doesn’t mean spinning around in circles. For too many companies, a pivot is an exercise in options gazing. They opine about what it would be like to take action. They plan to open up new markets. However, when push comes to shove, they keep one foot firmly planted in their old way of doing things and never move forward.

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