Build a business that works for you

Today we are talking with Justine Clay. Justine is a dedicated speaker and business coach for creative business owners and freelancers. She helps her clients position and market their unique creative expertise.

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The reason that we are talking with Justine is that the number of low-cost freelancers will most likely increase after the lockdown. It’s going to be extremely difficult to make a case for hiring your subscription service to solve your subscribers’ problems. So, we are talking with an expert at helping creative talent package their expertise.

Big Takeaway

Build a business that works for you. You can waste a lot of time creating something that is at odds with strengths. You could make the case that this is the difference between a well-architected pivot and a poorly architected pivot. There are many ways to achieve any goal. The best choice is the one that maximizes your talent.

PS: You can click here for more great advice from Justine.

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