Your values set the framework for credibility.

An Interview with Lida Citroen

Today, we are talking with Lida Citroen. Lida is an international personal branding and reputation management expert. She’s also an author, executive coach, and TEDx Speaker. Lida helps business leaders uncover and craft standout reputation strategies. 

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Personality drives a lot of the decision-making process today. People either like or respect the people they do business with daily. So, we are talking with a personal branding expert to help us communicate our value and put our best foot forward.

Big Takeaway

Your values set the framework for credibility. They represent your authentic self. People know the difference. They know when you are passionate about what you’re doing. And when you are simply being self-serving. So, we are talking with an expert about using our personal brands to support our decision-making process post-lockdown.


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