Fear is the Kryptonite of Progress

An Interview with Marissa Levin

Today, we are talking with Marissa Levin. Marissa is a strategy coach and the Leadership Mindset columnist for Inc. Magazine.  She helps leaders develop both their personal and their organization’s potential.

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The reason we are talking with Marissa is because the lockdown is ending in many places. Once that happens, there will be a lot of pressure to return to business as usual. So, we are talking with an expert to help us get our heads in the right place for future success.

Big Takeaway

Fear is the Kryptonite of Progress. It drains away our energy and leaves us in an unprotected state. It would be nice if we all had superpowers that we could use to confront the day’s challenges. As Marissa Levin reminds us, all we have and all we will ever need is our wit. And our willingness to rely on ourselves.

–Zachary Alexander

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