Let’s talk online communities!

An interview with Michelle Villalobos

In this episode, we will be talking with Michelle Villalobos. Michelle is the founder of Superstar Activator. A company that helps influencers like freelancers and contingent professionals activate their inner Superstar.

Specifically, we talk with Michelle about how she manages her ecosystem, her community. She talks about what it means to be a Superstar and her business model. You’ll, also, learn what it means to be “CREW.”


Michelle clearly embodies what it means to be a SubscriptionMaker. If you like what you hear from this interview, you can reach Michelle on her website SuperstarActivator.com. Thank you for listening to this episode of the SubscriptionMaker Podcast.

This is your host Zachary Alexander. “Something Crazy” by the Particle House is the music track. You can find it at Epidemic Sound. Finally, you can contact me on SubscriptionMaker.net.

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