Do you have the skills to meet future challenges?

An Interview with Norm Hull

Today, we are talking with Norm Hull. Norm is the owner of Norm Hull & Associates, which focuses on leadership training and development. One of the things that set Norm apart from most other professional speakers is the fact that he hosts his own in-person events rather than relying on others to hire him.

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The reason that we are talking with Norm is because professional speaking is a gateway to subscription services. Public speaking of any type can provide you with a mechanism for doing outreach and building your community. While professional speaking can give you the capital, you need to fund the development of your subscription service.

Big Takeaways:

This is a great time to learn how to be a professional speaker. Do you have the skills you need to meet the challenges of the future? What should you be learning, working on to prepare for what comes next?

PS: Be sure to check out Norm’s new project:

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