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Launching the Subscription Maker Podcast

In this segment, we’re are going to introduce you to the Subscription Maker Podcast and This podcast and the companion website are for people who want the flexibility of a creative lifestyle and the stability of recurring income.  It’s for people who are looking to make things happen.

Who will get the most out of the Subscription Maker Podcast?

People who are seeking a creative lifestyle will get the most out of this podcast. However,  accidental creatives will also find a home. For conversation sake, accidental creatives are people who find themselves in a position where they must take ownership of their value creation process.

Specifically, we will be talking about bloggers, podcasters, coaches and consultants. We will also be talking about how you can use the skillsets used by bloggers, podcasters, coaches, and consultants to advance your efforts as a maker.

Additionally, we will be talking about how you can use your talents to reach your goals. We will be talking about what it will take to turn your talents into strengths that you can rely on to move the ball down the field.

You might be familiar with these concepts if you are familiar with the Clifton-Strength Finder assessment. Having said this, we will also look at other frameworks.

Case in point, the Gallup organization recently introduced a new taxonomy that highlights the value of becoming a builder. You can rest assured that we will discuss the difference between being a builder and an entrepreneur.

However, we will stick with the term maker for continuity reasons. The Subscription Maker Podcast and grew out the maker movement. You could even make the case that they are a spinoff or branch. We at prefer to think of it as an expansion.

Why the move to the Subscription Maker Podcast?

I hosted one hundred and one episodes of the Makerspace Development Podcast before I acknowledged the need for a expansion. Makerspaces are predominantly for hobbyists. And I wanted to talk with people who wanted to get paid for using their talents.

I also wanted to expand the definition what it means to be a maker. I wanted to include both people who seek out creative lifestyles and those people whose situation require them to become more creative, to take ownership of their value creation process.

It doesn’t matter if you are a craftsperson or a computer programmer. You probably want the security of recurring income. You don’t want to have to wake up every morning looking for a new job. You want your efforts to build equity and bring home more than an hourly wage when you’ve done a good job for your customers.

How do we anticipate the conversation going?

This podcast will be mostly be composed of short snack size segments on a single topic. We will take an “audience first” approach to content development. You can make the case that so-called gurus are quick to tell you what do when you’ve got a huge following. However, they are silent when it comes to doing the really hard work of gaining traction in the marketplace.

Some of the episodes will point to other resources like product reviews on the blog. You can also expect to hear a mix of interviews with industry leaders. These people will be engaged when we think they will help add a new dimension to the discussion.


Podcast launches like the Subscription Maker Podcast should signify that we are listening to you the audience members. They should identify how you will be rewarded if you choose to give us some of your time. Stay tuned to find out if we continue to deliver on these goals.

PS: If you want a broader discussion, join the SubscriptionMaker Group on Facebook. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and others that interest you.

Zachary Alexander

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