learning how you create value is important

Learning how you create value is important.

You owe it to yourself to learn how you create value. It seems like an obvious question. One that should be easy to answer. However, the question of how best to create value more often than not goes unanswered, especially for failing businesses.

Welcome to the Subscription Maker Podcast. This is your host Zachary Alexander, Enterprise Architect at SubscriptionMaker.net. As an enterprise architect, I help people who want the freedom of a creative lifestyle and the security of recurring income.

Delivering value is what subscription makers must do every day. The successful ones think about little else. However, the challenge is that there are so many ways to approach the tasks that your subscribers hire you to do.

How do you best create value?

In a past episode, we’ve talked about the value of the Clifton-Strengths Assessment. We’ve discussed why you should take the assessment as a way of finding your niche. In this episode, we want to talk about it as a means of discovering the most comfortable ways to create value for your subscribers.

Full disclosure: I am working on becoming a Certified Clifton-Strengths Coach. My goal is to provide subscribers with advice that is not biased by any decisions I make about my path.

As you probably know, there are 34 themes described in the Clifton-Strength Assessment. And each theme could potentially describe the best option for helping your subscribers. And guaranteeing your customers success.

You could make the case that your report represents a competitive advantage that is hard to duplicate. This advantage is further strengthened by the people you choose to associate with or ask for advice. 

Success produces hot spots.

There is an old adage that success leaves breadcrumbs that you can follow along your path. However, at SubscriptionMaker.net, we like to say that success creates hot spots. As more people choose to make the same choices, that choice begins to spark then eventually grow into a flame that lights your the path. However, as time goes on the path can become a fad and eventually lose its luster.

Determining how you create value will allow you to differentiate yourself from other people traveling along the same path. For example, some people are strategic. These people excel at finding emerging options for common challenges. While there are others, who thrive at fixing solutions that have ceased to be effective for the same challenges.

Each of these themes can be tempered or influenced by the concentration of other themes. In fact, the latest innovation at Gallop is the Clifton-Strengths 34 Report. This report provides you with the rank order of all 34 themes and how they can be used to achieve your goals.

What’s worth your time?

Success always comes down to time management. Time is the one commodity that you can never replace. So it only goes to reason that you need to know the value of an action before you can know whether it’s worth your time.

Value requires social proof. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In the art world, the value of art is determined by a panel of experts. People who have studied the aesthetics of art from many different artists.

In the business world, we call these people influencers. They hold court on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Many of these people have no more knowledge than you do. They are not experts. They are personalities.

However, they have an audience that respects them for what they say. Influencers can shine a light on the value of what’s possible in today’s marketplace. They can produce hot spots that you use to determine the tangible value for your subscription services.


How you best create value can be discovered by using your Clifton-Strengths. Once you know, you can use the hot spots that success generates to illuminate your path forward.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the Subscription Maker Podcast. This is your host Zachary Alexander. If you like to spend more time discussing how best to create value join us in the Subscription Maker Group on Facebook.

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